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At adnexio, you don’t worry

about finding the best candidates,

adnexio brings them to you.

adnexio is Latin for 'connecting'. We use machine learning and artificial intelligence to bring you the best career that matches your credentials.


Join thousands of applicants on adnexio by completing a few simple steps:

  • Fill in your education and work experience details
  • Complete the personality tests
  • Take a short online interview

We analyse thousands of vacancies every day to find the perfect career match for you.


If you are an employer, adnexio offers you the following benefits:

  • Advertise vacancies on adnexio for FREE
  • Enjoy our artificial intelligence system that runs analytics on prospective candidates to rate their suitability
  • Be referred only to candidates who match your exact requirements
  • Browse through shortlisted applicants and choose the top match for a final interview
  • Cut out 80% of the recruitment process because adnexio will do it for you

Job Analytics

We use data analytics to develop Adnexio’s machine learning capabilities.

adnexio works (almost) like a real-life career coach. We go through your CV, education, personality, work experience, and online interview to assess you.

We analytically rate and rank your credentials that include assessment of your confidence, leadership, and personality.

Going through multiple stages of analytical assessment using machine learning and artificial intelligence will enable us to match you to the best available vacancies in the country.

Career Coach

When you join adnexio, you are not only matched to the best vacancies available, you are also coached to increase your employability.

We do this by using machine learning algorithms to go through your applications and related vacancies every day. You could check how you rank compared to other applicants on a regular basis and understand the reasons behind your successes and shortcomings.

Further, adnexio makes suggestions of the steps to take to improve your assessment score, so that you could increase your employability in the job market.

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